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Flippin' Phones is a fast-paced, (no-) nonsense action game that's suitable to play in short sessions. Flip as many phones as possible, rescue humanity, and avoid those cops who are too ignorant to see that you're saving the world! BlauwPrint is building a mobile version that's a vast improvement over the game jam prototype, with more stores, more cop types and all-new graphics. While this is still in development, you can play the game jam prototype at at the link on the left.


This game was created during the Indie Gameleon 2014 game jam located in Groningen, the Netherlands. The theme was M.C. Escher's work "Relativity". Since it displayed, amongst others, a lot of people that all looked the same and didn't acknowledge each others' presence. This inspired BlauwPrint to take the 'mindless' people aspect, which reminded them of people only paying attention to their phones. In 48 hours, the game was very playable, and based on feedback, very enjoyable. BlauwPrint was convinced that Flippin' Phones was a concept worth expanding. After a couple more days of polishing, Flippin' Phones was released to itch.io as a pay-what-you-want-nothing-counts-too download. After that, the guys at BlauwPrint decided that the game still had more to it, so they started working on a mobile version with more content and all-new visuals, which if all goes right will see the light of day in Q4 of 2014.


  • Flip phones, rescue people, and avoid or beat cops while doing so
  • Addictive, fast-paced gameplay that will make you want to improve highscore after highscore
  • Epic music and quirky sound effects
  • Innovative Sweaty┬« system for realistic tiredness effects


Gameplay Trailer YouTube


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About BlauwPrint

BlauwPrint is a Dutch game development duo that strives to maintain old-fashioned player connections. Their games bring people together, whether it's through cooperation or competition. Player interaction is at the core of BlauwPrint's games. This makes games a medium instead of the centre of attention.

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Flippin' Phones Credits

Thomas Jager
Designer, Artist, Producer

Freek Verheijde
Designer, Programmer

Harm-Jan Wiechers
Audio Designer, Artist

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